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Doktorandnämnden`s presidium

Carl Anderson Kronlid's picture                                                          Maria Langa's picture                                                           Fabian Engel's picture

Carl Anderson Kronlid, Chair                                     Maria Langa, Vice-Chair                                            Fabian Engel, Vice-Chair

The Doctoral Board works to ensure security and legal certainty from admission until disputation, and serves as a collaborative body for the PhD students (about us). Contact us with problems or issues related to your studies


The PhD handbook

Navigate through the handbook, or download the English or Swedish pdf.


N E W S  


  • Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Women's Career Paths in Academia

 The Society of Women Researchers in Uppsala (Föreningen för kvinnliga forskare i Uppsala, FKF for short) is co-organising a seminar with this year's Skytte Prize Laureate Jane Mansbridge on career paths for women in academia. The seminar will take place on Friday 28 from 10 to 11:30 at the Lewin Hall, Department of Government, Östra Ågatan 16. For more information see our blog section.

  • Several positions for PhD student representatives vacant. Apply now!


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