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The Uppsala University Doctoral Education Survey 2019

on Wed, 2019-05-15 15:23

Dear PhD collegues,this year the Doctoral Board (DN) conducts a large Doctoral Education Survey.We would like to ask for 10–15 minutes of your time to tell us about your work environment, supervision, research funding etc. This information is vital for the work of DN; it will help your representatives at various levels of the university administration to improve doctoral education.The survey will close on 3 June. Results will inform the work of DN and the faculties' Doctoral Councils.Thank you for your time, and we wish you a successful semester ahead.And here is the link to the survey:

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Undisciplined Connections: PhD Student Conference and Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research

on Mon, 2019-03-25 13:29

Undisciplined Connections: Networking and Practice of Interdisciplinary Research is a one-day conference on interdisciplinary research to take place on April 10, 9 AM at Geijersalen (6-1023), campus Engelska Parken. The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences will open the event and introduce our keynote speaker Malin Lindberg from Luleå University presenting Innovative Co-Production for Scientific and Societal Impact. Professor Lindberg will be followed by a panel of scholars from different disciplinary domains to discuss the practice and challenges of interdisciplinary research. This morning session welcomes everyone to join us!PhD students are invited to register for our afternoon activities: a Speed Conference and a Workshop lead by Claes-Fredrick Helgesson, director of CIRCUS. The Speed conference is an innovative format where PhD students will pair up for a few minutes to present their research, an opportunity for networking and finding opportunities for collaboration. To register please follow this link Registered participants will be invited to lunch with the keynote speaker and panellists.For more information check the poster below or contact the chair of SDR:

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on Tue, 2019-03-12 16:15

Now it is time to apply for positions at the doctoral board for the period July 2019- June 2020. The elections will take place in May and the application deadline is 7th of May 2019. All announced positions and more information can be found HERE .  To apply please use the application form and send it to

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CIRCUS: Opportunity for Funding for PhD Students

on Mon, 2019-02-18 10:16

CIRCUS (Center for Integrated Research in Culture and Society) is a Uppsala University's new platform for the development of problem-based and thematic research-driven collaborations across disciplines. They have now opened the opportunity for PhD students to apply for funding for inter- and multi- disicplinary  events and initiatives. The objective of this call is to promote collaboration between PhD students of different disciplines, particularly in the Social Sciences and Humanitites. Doctoral students can apply up to a maximum of 30.000 SEK. The only time restriction is that applications have a 2 month processing period, which means you will need to apply at least two monts before the date you have planned for the startr of your initiative. For more information, follow this link.

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CEFO Workshop: Writing a Succesful Grant Application

on Thu, 2019-02-07 12:24

CEMUS' research forum, part of the Uppsala Center for Sustainable Development, invites PhD students to sign up for their interdisciplinary workshop Writing a Successful Grant Application.  In this interdisciplinary workshop, the guest speaker Anneli Ekblom (Department of Archeology and Ancient History) will share her knowledge on writing grants and assess some of the participant’s grant proposals. The event is especially relevant for PhD students and early career academics planning to write grant proposals for postdoctoral, doctoral, or travel funding. It will also be free of charge and fika will bw provided during the sessions.The event will take place on 26 February from 9:15-12. There are only 20 spots available, so register now in this address: registered will need to send a one-page summary of the applicationthey are trying to send by 15 February to  

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Swedish for Academics now free of charge

on Mon, 2018-12-03 11:07

The doctoral board has been informed that the language courses 'Swedish for Academics' at the Department for Nordic Languages will be free of charge from spring semester onwards. The number of places is, however, still limited. This is a great improvement for PhD students, since the possibility to attend the courses is now independent from the willingness of your home department to pay for Swedish education during your PhD. The courses in 'Basic Swedish' are, as before, free of charge.

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Equal Opportunities Day: This Time in English!

on Thu, 2018-10-04 09:39

Our representatives at the Equal Opportunities Committee has informed us that, responding to the requests of many, the next Equal Opportunities Day will be in English!The event will take place on October 23, between 13:15 and 16:15 at Gustavianum. The keynote speaker will be Anneli Häyrén with a talk entitled #MeToo and More. The Laureate of the Equal Opportunities Prize 2017, Michael Thuné, will share his experiences of working for equal opportunities in Academia with a focus on gender equality.More information about the program can be found here. Those interested in attending, please note that you have time to register until October 16 through this address.

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Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Women's Career Paths in Academia: Seminar with Skytte Prize Laurete

on Wed, 2018-09-26 11:59

The Society of Women Researchers in Uppsala (Föreningen för kvinnliga forskare i Uppsala, FKF for short) is co-organising a seminar with this year's Skytte Prize Laureate Jane Mansbridge on career paths for women in academia. The seminar will take place on Friday 28 from 10 to 11:30 at the Lewin Hall, Department of Government, Östra Ågatan 16. In this morning seminar, Mansbridge will share insights from her career in academia. What paths are open to women in academia today? Which difficulties do female academics still face and how can they be overcome? The seminar will take on the form of an extended Q&A session and all participants are warmly encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences. The President of the Uppsala Society of Women Researchers, senior lecturer Annie Mattsson, will be chairing the session. For more information check out this link:     

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Vacant positions of PhD student representatives for different boards - APPLY NOW

on Mon, 2018-09-03 17:40

Dear fellow PhD students, 

    the Doctoral board for Uppsala University (Doktorandsnämden) appoints PhD students to several boards at Uppsala University. Some of these positions could not be filled during the election in spring, so here is the big opportunity to apply now and widen your scope by representing the PhD students at Uppsala University in different boards. We strongly encourage you to apply! 

      The positions that need to be filled are PhD student representatives for the:

      • Academic Senate (1 regular)
      • Quality Advisory Board (1 deputy)
      • Scholarship Board (1 regular + 1 deputy)
      • Joint Committee on Work Environment Issues (1 regular)
      • Educational Renewal and Development (1 regular)
      • Center of Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (1 regular)
      • Advisory Board for External Collaboration (1 regular)
      • Center for Research Ethics and Bioethics (1 regular)
      • Equal opportunity Advisory Board (1 regular + 1 deputy)

       If any of these sounds interesting to you, or if you want to know more, please contact the Chair

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      Vacant Position in The Doctoral board of Uppsala University (Doktorandsnämden) Election 2018/2019

      on Wed, 2018-04-18 20:54

      Dear fellow PhD students, The Doctoral board for Uppsala University (Doktorandsnämden) is having elections  on 31st May 2018 for the next term, July 2018 to June 2019. Doktorandsnämden is central platform where any issues related to PhD students from all the faculties are dealt (for more information please visit ). Here is the big opportunity to widen your scope and develop your skills in administration by being part of Doktorandsnämden. You can be on one of the following posts. If any of these sounds interesting to you, or if you want to know more, please contact the Election Committee at  Send in your applications to before 14th May. (application form attched) Please note that most positions require certain level of Swedish! 

       Best regards, Megha Bendre,Chair, Doctoral Board of Uppsala University(Ordförande, Doktorandsnämden)  

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      Now you can download the new PhD Handbook

      on Mon, 2018-02-12 14:18

      The Doctoral Board revised the PhD handbook and updated its contents. Now you can download the newest versions in English or in Swedish from our website.

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      "EVENT MANAGER." for DN

      on Fri, 2018-01-19 12:05

      For all those who like organizing events, Doctoral Board for Uppsala University (Doktorandsnämden, in short-DN) announces a position "EVENT MANAGER."The role of the DN's Event manager is to organize: Social events, Academic events, seminars, competitions or any event that could be for the betterment of Ph.D. students and that provides a platform for interaction among Ph.D. students and with the University.Skills: The candidate should be creative, social, take the lead, micro planer.No language barrier.The post is valid for this semester only. Compensation will be in the form of money (2500 SEK).Interested candidates should write in brief about your skills and previous experiences of holding such posts if any. In short, you should motivate why you are suitable for this post and send it to no later than 24th January 2018, so hurry up!Note: The post is only for those who are currently pursuing Ph.D. studies. If you have already completed Ph.D. studies, then please ignore this email.Since the list of Ph.D. students might not be up to date, it is likely that many of your Ph.D. colleagues or friends might not receive this email. In that case, please spread the word

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      Doctoral Board in Need for a New Presidium!

      on Thu, 2017-09-07 14:57

      Apply for Chair or Vice Chair positions to now! The Doctoral Board had a bit of a rough start of this academic year: Unfortunately, the elected chair and vice-chair declined before our first meeting and now the doctoral board is left without a working presidium.

      • The Chair position entails 50 days prolongation (20% of one year full time employment) plus a one time salary of 35 000 SEK before taxes. The Chair organizes and calls for meetings of the doctoral board and represents the doctoral student body in the Vice Chancellor's Management Council (Rektorns ledningsråd).
      • The two Vice Chairs get 15 days prolongation each (about 6% of one year full time employment) plus a one time salary of 21 000 SEK before taxes. The Vice Chairs assist the Chair in leading the work of the doctoral board.

      It is common that Chair or Vice Chair also take part in the Konsistorium, which gives another 20 days prolongation.If you are interested in such aposition, contact the chair of the student union at and describe yourself and why you are qualified for these positions. The Doctoral Board will have a first meeting on the 12th of September at 3pm, so you can also come by and meet the rest of the board!

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      Apply for Positions at DN for the coming Academic Year NOW!

      on Tue, 2017-05-09 18:17

      The Doctoral Board (Doktorandnämnden) has elections soon, and we still have several positions to fill. The Doctoral Board organizes PhD student at the University level. Through the representatives that we appoint to the various boards, committees and decision-making bodies of the university, we allow the PhD students in Uppsala to have a say in how the university is run, and let our concerns be heard. Participating in the work of the doctoral board is an excellent way to learn more about the University and how it functions, and an opportunity to promote your interests and those of your fellow PhD students. Below, you find a list of the positions that still lack candidates. If you should find one of them interesting, or if you have questions, please contact the Election Committee: * CO-CHAIR OF THE PRESIDIUM: As co-chair, you help the chair of the doctoral board with managing the day-to-day work of the board and prepare meetings. The position grants 15 days of prolongation. For more information, please see * CLUBMASTER: The clubmaster is responsible for organizing the social activities of the doctoral board, including the PhD gasque that we hold each spring. * REPRESENTATIVE TO THE LIBRARY LIAISON COMMITTEE: Each research area (HumSam, TekNat and MedFarm) has a library liaison committee which deals with library questions on an area basis. * REPRESENTATIVE TO THE ADVISORY BOARD FOR EXTERNAL COLLABORATION: The advisory board for external collaboration advises the vice-chancellor on questions of collaboration with external actors, like corporations and civil society. You are also welcome to apply to some of the positions for which we already have candidates. We will then judge you against the other candidates and make a final decision at the election later this May. For a full list of the available positions, please see

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      PhD Days at the Faculty of Science and Technology

      on Tue, 2017-05-02 14:04

      Are you a PhD student at the Faculty of Science and Technology? Then don't miss out on the PhD Days: Three days of lectures, seminars and workshops, held next week from the 8th to the 10th of May.Here is the text from the organizers:"Welcome to this year's PhD days, which will be held from Monday, 8. May, to Wednesday 10. May. The event will be held all over the TekNat campuses: Geocentrum, EBC, Ångström, ITC and BMC.We compiled a host of interesting seminars and workshops with a focus on soft and hard skills that are very useful for a PhD but are not necessarily part of the everyday curriculum. Among others we offer a Voice coaching workshop, a seminar on Time Management and workshops on Python and Matlab. The event will conclude with a Career Panel, where we have invited several former PhD students to talk about their career paths both inside and outside of academia."For the conrete schedule and the link to sign up, click here.

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      DN's chair is visiting Universities in California

      on Thu, 2017-03-30 11:48

      This week the doctoral board's chair, Adam Sabir, is visiting several universities in the USA together with The Vice-Chancellor’s Management Council. Read an update of the trip written by Adam on the vice chancellor's blog here (unfortunately only in Swedish).

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      Welcome to the spring term 2017

      on Wed, 2017-01-18 12:21

      The doctoral board welcomes all PhD students to the spring term 2017. For us this means that the second half of our term of office has started. One issue that still concerns us is the missing Club Mästare, this year's PhD gasque is at risk not to take place! The position of Club Mästare entails a onetime salary of about 2000 SEK (after taxes) and comes with valuable experiences: "You get the opportunity to understand more about the way the university works through the DN meetings, about how your colleagues prefer spending their after-work time and basically socialize with people from different fields that you might never meet otherwise!", as the previous Club Mästare Angeliki puts it. If you are interested in what a Club Mästare does, we can provide more information; just send us an Email ( You can also apply for the position by sending an Email to the same address, or just visit us at our next Doctoral Board meeting on the 30th of January 3pm in Lauritzen-salen at Uppsala Studentkår.

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      The Vice-Chancellor is coming to visit DN

      on Wed, 2016-12-07 17:52

      The Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson will visit us during our next DN meeting on December 12. Do you have questions or issues that we should discuss with her? Send them to us via Mail (!

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      Film screening of the Geocentrum Film Club

      on Sat, 2016-10-22 21:35

      " Dear all,this is the announcement of the last meeting with the Geocentrum Film Club. We therefore welcome you all to the screening of "En Man Som Heter Ove - A Man Called Ove" (2015) a Swedish Film based on Fredrik Backman's book (with English subtitles) Wednesday 26th of October 17.30 Hambergsalen, Geocentrum. See you there :) Cine-vägen 16 "

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      Seminar for PhD students

      on Fri, 2016-10-21 19:18

      SULF (The Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers) organizes a PhDay on October 27 which includes a seminar about how to continue your research career in Sweden after your PhD followed by the screening of The PhD movie 2. Find more information on the flyer of the event.

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      Hot Debates about the Upcoming Election of the Vice Chancellor

      on Thu, 2016-10-13 22:26

      Update: The Doctoral board published an open letter about this issue in UTN, you can read it here. If you are interested in this topic, you can find more information, including interviews and open letters from professors and student unions, at the webpages of Dagens Nyheter ( or Uppsala Nya Tidningen ( (unfortunately only in Swedish).In our previous Doctoral Board meeting on Monday October 10th, we had hot discussions about the upcoming election of the vice chancellor of the university. The university’s consistory is currently discussing to make changes to the election procedure that will severely limit the transparency as well as the influence of students and employees of the university. If you are interested in this topic, you can find more information, including interviews and open letters from professors and student unions at the webpages of Dagens Nyheter ( or Uppsala Nya Tidningen ( (unfortunately only in Swedish).

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      Welcome to the Doctoral board's new website!

      on Sun, 2015-03-22 16:03

      Hi everyone! Welcome to the new website of the Doctoral board! I hope you take the opportunity to have a look at it. If so, you will find a calendar with previous and upcoming meetings. If you click on a meeting in the calendar, you will find the agenda, the protocol (when finished), and in some cases, other documents related to the meeting. All other relevant documents related to PhD students and Doctoral studies should also be uploaded on the website. With the USER GUIDE (see previous blog post) now available, I hope you will find it easy to navigate on the website and add information when needed. Since I have not been responsible for setting up the website, I find the user guide really helpful. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in creating our new website. They have done a great job! See you at the DN meeting on Thursday! Cheers Sara.

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      Election committee appointed

      on Mon, 2015-03-02 11:17

      At DN's meeting last week, we appointed Ilse Dubbelboer (MedFarm), Andreas Frisk (TekNat) and Karl Bergman (HumSam) to the election committee for this year's DN elections. They will prepare the elections of a presidium for the 2015/16 activity year, as well as a number of positions in University boards and committees which DN is responsible to fill. If you are interested in running for a position, please get in touch with one of the election committee members!

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      User guide for officers and representatives

      on Fri, 2015-02-27 21:31
      Hello officer/representative!

      This guide is intended for you, the elected representative or officer, who will need to interact with DN's website beyond merely spectating. We have prepared this guide to make it easier for you to achieve your objectives, whether they are to create opinion, disseminate information, or get reports on the current or previous state of doctoral representation at Uppsala University.

      The last task can be done without signing in, but the former two require you to authenticate yourself first.

      Setting up a User Account and Signing in

      Before you can start working on the website a person who has editing rights (e.g. a former chair or vice-chair), has to create an account for you. Once a user account has been set up for you, you can sign in using the button in the top right corner of every page. The person that sets up your account needs to make sure to provide you the editing rights needed for your role in DN, which can be done by changing your role at this website (see below for the definition of the different roles). After you signed in, you can edit your user account (for instance, add a profile picture, link to your LinkedIn profile, change the email address) and create or edit content on this website (exactly what you can do depends on your account's role).

      User permissions

      User permissions are organised into four roles (or levels) that determine access. The roles are mostly hierarchical, meaning a higher level encompasses all the permissions of the lower levels. Permissions within each role are set by the site administrator. Only the site administrator can create or remove roles. Site moderators can elevate or demote individual users through the role hierarchy.

      • Non-authenticated users
        This is the role automatically assigned to any user who browses the website without signing in.
        Effectively a "read-only" interaction with the website and its content. Permissions are essentially limited to viewing published content.
      • Authenticated users
        This is the role automatically assigned to any user who signs in. Permissions at this level are rather limited by design. Commenting on posts (that have comments enabled) is essentially all that is allowed.
      • Officer (officers/representatives)
        Corresponds roughly to an "editor" in Internet-forum parlance. This role can only be assigned to an account by the site administrator or a user with the moderator permission. In general, all currently elected representatives or appointed officers are eligible for this role.
      • Presiding officer (DN-AU and presiding officers of faculty councils)
        Corresponds roughly to a "moderator" in forum parlance. This role can only be assigned by the site administrator or an existing moderator. In general, members of DN's executive committee (AU) and chairs and deputy chairs of the faculty PhD student councils are assigned this role.

      Site administrators have their own role, not described in this guide.

      In general, authenticated users (and by extension, non-authenticated users) have very limited permissions. Users with role officer can create appointments, blog posts, documents, and meetings, but cannot edit or delete content created by other users; and users with role presiding officer can create appointments, blog posts, pages, book pages, documents, and meetings, and can edit or delete any such content (created by any user).

      The guiding principle in assigning user permissions should be to make life easier for DN's elected representatives and appointed officers. The site has been designed around that principle, but even the best system designer cannot foresee all use cases. So if you feel hindered in any task on this website that you think should be possible/permitted, then please make yourself heard.


      Creating or editing content

      The purpose of this website is to facilitate communication and information within and between DN, faculty councils and PhD representatives in other bodies and councils within the university. Aside from accessing information, the most relevant functions for most DN officers will be to create meetings, to upload documents and to add or edit appointments/positions.

      Content types (and who can create, edit or delete such content)

      • Appointment/position
        Add an appointment or elected position for a representative or officer.
        Requires role: officer or above. Users with role officer can edit or delete their own appointments/positions; users with role presiding officer can edit or delete any appointment/position. Update: the permissions have been relaxed so that all officers can edit any appointment/position.
      • Article
        Create a new post in the DN blog (visible on the frontpage by default).
        Requires role: officer or above. Users with role officer can edit or delete their own posts; users with role presiding officer can edit or delete any posts.
      • Basic page
        Basic pages make up static content, such as the 'About us' page, or the 'RSS' page.
        Requires role: presiding officer or above. Users with role presiding officer can create, edit or delete any basic page.
      • Book page
        Books have a built-in hierarchical navigation. Currently only used for the PhD Handbook.
        Requires role: presiding officer or above. Users with role presiding officer can create, edit or delete any book page.
      • Documents
        Use this content type to create new documents, including meeting minutes and agendas.
      • Meeting
        Add a meeting (with venue and date) to the calendar.

      The site also uses a few so-called structure elements, that help the website system to infer the required relationships between meetings and documents, users and documents, appointments and boards/committees, and so on. The most important structure in this regard is the taxonomy.


      Guidelines for editing taxonomies and menus

      Taxonomies and menus are part of the site structure, which points to the fact that changes could potentially break functionality. At the same time, changes are necessary and required for the site to reflect reality, which we want it to do.


      We encourage users with role officer or presiding officer to carefully read this section before attempting to edit taxonomies.

      Taxonomies form the veritable backbone of this site. A taxonomy is basically a list of terms. Each term has a name, a description, a parent, and a URL. When creating a new term, only the name must be provided by the user. A description is optional, the parent is set to root unless changed by the user, and the URL is always automatically assigned. Changes do not take effect until saved (use the Save button).

      • Rule 1: Never delete an existing term from any taxonomy. Doing so may break the site.
      • Rule 2: It is perfectly OK to edit existing terms, except for the taxonomy committees/boards, where you should apply rule 2a instead:
        • Rule 2a: If a committee/board changes name in the corporeal world, create a new term with that name and leave the original term in the taxonomy. Consider adding a note to the description of the original term, stating the date the committee/board ceased to exist.

      Rule 2a is meant to ensure that former representatives and officers do not lose their appointments in the system.

      The sequential order and the relationship (hierarchy) of terms in a taxonomy is easily modified by clicking and dragging the cross-shaped arrows next to the term in the list tab of the taxonomy.

      Short description of the taxonomies:

      • Committees/boards
        This is by far the most complex taxonomy on this site. It delineates the hierarchy and relationship of all committees or boards that are relevant to DN (whether at UU, the student unions, SFS, or other places). A lot of thought and care has gone into this taxonomy. A large part of the functionality of this site depends on the existing hierarchy of this taxonomy, so do not change the existing hierarchy unless you are fully aware of the repercussions on other parts of the site. End of stern warning.
      • Functions
        Primarily created for convenience and to reduce spelling errors when inputting functions.
      • Meeting venues
        Primarily created for convenience and to reduce spelling errors when inputting venues.
      • Publication types
        Governs the display of the content type Documents. The only other taxonomy that uses hierarchical relationships.

      All taxonomy terms are in Swedish. For the sake of consistency and unambiguousness, please use the same language for any new terms.


      Only moderators can edit menus. The site has several menus, but the only one of relevance to moderators is the main menu. And the only time a moderator may have to edit the main menu is when reordering the PhD Handbook.


      A few step-by-step examples

      The following examples assume you have the appropriate permissions.

      Signing up for the first time (and filling out your user profile)

      An administrator or presising officer will need to create an an account for you. You should make sure to use whatever email address was associated with your account.

      1. Click on the "Sign in" button in the top right corner of every page.
      2. Enter your email address and password.
      3. Upon first login, you will be presented with your user profile page. Fill it out!
        1. Write your full name in the username field. If some former officer or representative has your identical full name, consider adding your middle name(s) or initials, if you have any. Else, we suggest you add the current year to the end of your name, like this "Johan Andersson 2015".
        2. Upload a picture or avatar. If not, the system defaults to a unique pattern (based on your email address).
        3. If your elected position has a special email address, put it in the Office email field. If not, leave it blank.
        4. Link to your Uppsala university profile page ( preferred over, since only the former is public).
        5. Link to your ORCID profile. If you don't yet have one, we suggest you create one. Go ahead, we'll wait.
        6. Link to your Linkedin profile, if you want.
        7. Click Save and you are done.

      Authenticated users will see a black bar stretching the length of the page along its top edge. This your user menu. On it, you will see your username. Following that link will take you to your user profile page. You can always edit your own user profile.

      Creating a new appointment/position

      If the person elected is already in the system:

      1. Click on Add content in the user menu.
      2. Click on Appointment/position.
      3. Begin filling in the name of the representative and select the correct person from the drop-down menu.
      4. Begin filling in the committee/board and select the correct one from the drop-down menu.
      5. Begin filling in the position (e.g. representative, chairperson, secretary) and select the correct one from the drop-down menu.
      6. Fill in the mandate, i.e., the board/committee that elected the person.
      7. Fill in the term of office for which the person is appointed. If unsure, select first July until last June as a default.
      8. Click “Save” at the bottom of the window.

      If the person elected is not in the system, s/he must first be added using the function “Add user”. This is done by presiding officers.

      Creating a vacancy (and filling a vacancy)

      1. If the vacancy is due to a mid-term resignation of the officer, first edit the affected appointment/position with the new end date.
        1. To do that, proceed as follows:
          Go to Find content. Put the name of the officer in the Title field, and select "Appointment/position" in the Type drop-down. Now edit the positions that the officer resigned with the new end date.
      2. Next, you'll want to create a vacancy. Go to [Add content -> Appointment/position] as usual.
      3. In the field "Full name of officer", enter the special username "Vakant". Then fill out the rest of the appointment details as usual.
        Set the start date as the day the position became vacant, and unless the end of the vacancy is already known, set the end of the current activity year as the end date.
      4. Once an officer has been elected/appointed and the vacancy thus filled, first edit the existing appointment of the special user "Vakant" to reflect the end date of the vacancy, then create a new "Appointment/position" with the elected officer's name.

      Changing/updating an existing appointment or position

      1. Click on Find content in the user menu.
      2. Put the name of the officer/represenative you want to edit in the Title text field and select Appointment/position in the Type dropdown field.
      3. Locate the appointment/position you wish to change/update and click “edit”.
      4. Edit as appropriate.
      5. (Optional) Click on “revision information” at the lower left side of the window to provide a short statement on what has been edited.
      6. Click “Save” at the bottom of the window.

      Promoting articles, documents or meetings to DN's twitter account

      Any user with the permission presiding officer can promote website content (only articles, documents and meetings) to DN's twitter account @doctoralboard. Either when first publishing the content, or at a later time by republishing and selecting "Post to" in the options at the bottom of the post submission form.
      Take care to describe the tweet in a professional and inviting manner, and don't forget to include a tinyurl link to the website content.

      DN's twitter account is @doctoralboard. It is usually managed by a member of DN-AU, who can follow/unfollow others and who has discretion over which accounts are included in the "Newsreel" list that is displayed on the frontpage. The current manager of @doctoralboard is Emil Hamnevik.

      Creating a meeting

      1. Click on Add content in the user menu.
      2. Click on Meeting.
      3. Begin filling in the committee/board and select the correct one from the drop-down menu.
      4. Add the meeting date. Check the box “Show end date” to be able to fill in the exact time the meeting will begin and end (e.g. 2015-03-19 13:15 until 2015-03-19 15:00).
      5. Begin typing the name of the venue and select the correct one from the drop-down menu (if the venue is already in the system). I you don’t know, select TBA (To Be Announced). A new venue can also be entered into the taxonomy system (Structure à Taxonomy à Meeting venues à add terms).
      6. Add a description if you wish.
      7. Click “Save” at the bottom of the window.

      Adding meeting minutes, agendas and other meeting documents

      1. Click on Add content in the user menu.
      2. Click on Documents.
      3. Enter an informative title, e.g., "Protokoll DN". There is no need to include the date in the title.
      4. Enter a representative and/or a committee/board as author of the document.
        Preferably both, and it is strongly recommended to add a committee/board to make it easy to find the document on the “Documents” page.
      5. Select the appropriate publication type from the drop-down menu.
      6. Input the publication date - enter the date of the meeting (this makes the system match the document to the calendar event).
      7. Upload the document as an attachment.
      8. Add a description if you wish.
      9. Click “Save” at the bottom of the window.

      Uploading a document

      1. Click on Add content in the user menu.
      2. Click on Documents.
      3. Enter an informative title.
      4. Enter a representative and/or a committee/board as author of the document. Preferably both, and it is recommended to add a committee/board to make it easy to find the document on the “Documents” page.
      5. Select the appropriate publication type from the drop-down menu.
      6. Input the publication date.
      7. Upload the document as an attachment.
      8. Add a description if you wish.
      9. Click “Save” at the bottom of the window.
      Emma Elfversson's picture

      Elected representatives for 2014/15 added

      on Tue, 2015-02-24 09:38

      All persons and positions elected by DN and by the faculty councils have been added and can be found under the relevant subheadings of "organisation". By default, the mandate periods have been set as 2014-07-01 - 2015-06-30 (or 2014-09-01 - 2015-08-31 for those councils that hold elections in September). Please get in touch if some information is incorrect or missing. 

      webmaster's picture

      Layout of user profile pages improved

      on Mon, 2015-02-16 17:09

      The current positions of the user have been highlighted inside a light frame, and placed closer to the user avatar and contact information.In the left sidebar, we put a list of all current officers/representatives. Note that this list excludes all officers/representatives who are in the system but who lack a current (as of the current date) appointment. Comments are welcome.

      webmaster's picture

      RSS feed addresses changed

      on Fri, 2015-01-30 20:15

      Update: If you were already subscribed to one of our RSS feeds, please note that their addresses have changed. The available feeds are shown on the rss page.

      We always try to make it easy for our officers and representatives (as well as PhD students in general) to keep tabs on DN's activities.

      If you use an RSS reader (and you really should, how else do you stay atop of the literature ;), you can now subscribe to one or all of DN's feeds.