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About us

The Doctoral Board works to ensure that those conducting PhD studies at Uppsala University are able to do so with security and legal certainty, from admission until disputation. 

The University must make further efforts to achieve a socially acceptable funding of PhD studies, and to guarantee all doctoral students high quality supervision. Also within the area of working environment and equality there is much left to do to improve the doctoral education at the University. The University also needs to more clearly profile and market the competence held by doctors with their degree from Uppsala. 

The Doctoral Board works to ensure that:

  • problems concerning supervision are acknowledged and rectified, for example by the faculties introducing guidelines for minimum levels of supervision, or through providing compensation in the form of prolongation when a doctoral student has received inadequate supervision,
  • the career opportunities of recently graduated doctors, particularly outside academia, are increased and broadened, 
  • all doctoral students are admitted to the PhD program and can carry out their research with safe employment conditions,  
  • all doctoral students should be employed and encompassed by the social security system, 
  • equality is improved at the work places of doctoral students, 
  • no doctoral students are subject to insults, discrimination or harassment due to gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or social background, 
  • start-up months following parental leave should be introduced as a right at all faculties.