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Apply for Positions at DN for the coming Academic Year NOW!

Katharina Rudisch's picture
on Tue, 2017-05-09 18:17

The Doctoral Board (Doktorandnämnden) has elections soon, and we still have several positions to fill. The Doctoral Board organizes PhD student at the University level. Through the representatives that we appoint to the various boards, committees and decision-making bodies of the university, we allow the PhD students in Uppsala to have a say in how the university is run, and let our concerns be heard. Participating in the work of the doctoral board is an excellent way to learn more about the University and how it functions, and an opportunity to promote your interests and those of your fellow PhD students. Below, you find a list of the positions that still lack candidates. If you should find one of them interesting, or if you have questions, please contact the Election Committee: * CO-CHAIR OF THE PRESIDIUM: As co-chair, you help the chair of the doctoral board with managing the day-to-day work of the board and prepare meetings. The position grants 15 days of prolongation. For more information, please see * CLUBMASTER: The clubmaster is responsible for organizing the social activities of the doctoral board, including the PhD gasque that we hold each spring. * REPRESENTATIVE TO THE LIBRARY LIAISON COMMITTEE: Each research area (HumSam, TekNat and MedFarm) has a library liaison committee which deals with library questions on an area basis. * REPRESENTATIVE TO THE ADVISORY BOARD FOR EXTERNAL COLLABORATION: The advisory board for external collaboration advises the vice-chancellor on questions of collaboration with external actors, like corporations and civil society. You are also welcome to apply to some of the positions for which we already have candidates. We will then judge you against the other candidates and make a final decision at the election later this May. For a full list of the available positions, please see