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Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Women's Career Paths in Academia: Seminar with Skytte Prize Laurete

Maria Langa's picture
on Wed, 2018-09-26 11:59

The Society of Women Researchers in Uppsala (Föreningen för kvinnliga forskare i Uppsala, FKF for short) is co-organising a seminar with this year's Skytte Prize Laureate Jane Mansbridge on career paths for women in academia. The seminar will take place on Friday 28 from 10 to 11:30 at the Lewin Hall, Department of Government, Östra Ågatan 16. In this morning seminar, Mansbridge will share insights from her career in academia. What paths are open to women in academia today? Which difficulties do female academics still face and how can they be overcome? The seminar will take on the form of an extended Q&A session and all participants are warmly encouraged to ask questions and share their experiences. The President of the Uppsala Society of Women Researchers, senior lecturer Annie Mattsson, will be chairing the session. For more information check out this link: