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Doctoral Board in Need for a New Presidium!

Katharina Rudisch's picture
on Thu, 2017-09-07 14:57

Apply for Chair or Vice Chair positions to now! The Doctoral Board had a bit of a rough start of this academic year: Unfortunately, the elected chair and vice-chair declined before our first meeting and now the doctoral board is left without a working presidium.

  • The Chair position entails 50 days prolongation (20% of one year full time employment) plus a one time salary of 35 000 SEK before taxes. The Chair organizes and calls for meetings of the doctoral board and represents the doctoral student body in the Vice Chancellor's Management Council (Rektorns ledningsråd).
  • The two Vice Chairs get 15 days prolongation each (about 6% of one year full time employment) plus a one time salary of 21 000 SEK before taxes. The Vice Chairs assist the Chair in leading the work of the doctoral board.

It is common that Chair or Vice Chair also take part in the Konsistorium, which gives another 20 days prolongation.If you are interested in such aposition, contact the chair of the student union at and describe yourself and why you are qualified for these positions. The Doctoral Board will have a first meeting on the 12th of September at 3pm, so you can also come by and meet the rest of the board!