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PhD Handbook

Research is fun! Doctoral studies are a time of creativity, development and freedom. Yet like all other forms of education and employment, doing a PhD also involves duties and rights. 

What should you do if you get stuck in your research or have problems with your  supervisor(s)?  What conditions apply if you have a child and wish to take parental leave, or if you are ill?

The following handbook has been written to inform you on a wide range of such issues. Our aim has been to compile information that is
applicable across the entire University. Beyond such general information, each individual faculty and department has their own specific rules aguidelines, information about which you can seek
from both the faculties and departments themselves, including their websites and on Medarbetarportalen (often under “HR”), and the
PhD student committees at faculty level (fakultetsdoktorandråd). This is the third revised edition of the handbook. The work with compiling, revising and making the information up to date has been performed by a working group with members of the Doctoral Board (Doktorandnämnden).

Some Swedish words have been provided in parenthesis (e.g. in the last paragraph).

We hope this guide will provide PhD students an image of their rights and duties, along with a host of other useful bits of information, including where to find further information on different subjects mentioned here. We also hope that this will help enable you to enjoy all the many positive things that research studies have to offer.

Good luck with your research!

Uppsala, spring 2017
The authors
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