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Health care

The student health organization, Studenthälsan ( specializes in study-related problems. They employ general practitioners, counselors, psychologists and nurses. Studenthälsan works actively with preventive health care, such as through the provision of ’health profiles’ after consultation with a nurse. The clinic also works with courses/groups, seminars and a focus on study environments. These courses include stress-management courses aimed at and tailored to PhD student.

Uppsala University uses occupational health care to prevent work-related illness, physical as well as psychological, poor health, injuries and disease, and to help individuals to return to work and to start work adaptation and rehabilitation as soon as possible. Following the first of January 2015, the University’s health care provider is Feel Good AB. All registered research students, regardless of their source of funding, have a right to use the services of the occupational health organization, provided that they have a degree of activity of minimum 20 percent. Visits are approved by and paid for by the Head of Department/equivalent or the Personnel department. For conversational support, three visits are paid for by the Personnel department, without the Head of Department/equivalent needing to be informed, but for further visits you need to consult with your Head of Department/equivalent, since further visits are paid for by the Department/equivalent.  

Employed personnel can be reimbursed by the University for Costs for medical care and medication. For further information, visit: (only available in Swedish, and requires login for Medarbetarportalen).