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Funding and financial support

The financing of a doctoral project can vary considerably between  different PhD students. According to Swedish university legislation (the Higher Education Ordinance, chapter 7 §§ 34 and 36), only PhD students who have secure financing for the entire research education may be admitted to doctoral programmes. In practice, this means that departments cannot withdraw support for a registered PhD student on the basis of a contingent lack of funding. The particular remuneration and benefits for a doctoral student differ depending on the type of funding one has. Provided below is an overview of the most common forms of financial support. More detailed information can be found at the Medarbetarportalen-website (see links below).

If you are employed as a PhD student (doktorandanställning) you are entitled to receive compensation (in the form of extra time or payment) in certain situations, i.e. parental leave, illness, military
service (maximum 60 days), care of a relative (närståendevård) and commissioned assignments (for instance, a post on the Faculty 20

Doctoral Council). Specific guidelines for how many days extension are applicable for the various assigned positions can be found at: (swedish).