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Employment as an assistant

According to the Higher Education Ordinance (chapter 5 § 2) employed PhD students are supposed to primarily devote themselves to their own education (where the own research is included). However PhD students are commissioned to work up to 20 percent of full-time as an assistant (institutionstjänstgöring). This time can normally be spread out over the years of your education, and does not count as part of the doctoral programme. This means that working 20 percent as an assistant reduces the pace of studies to 80 percent, with the result that the education will take five years instead of four. Working as an assistant can cover a range of tasks at your department, from teaching and supervising labs to copying and administration.

You do not have to perform any teaching or other departmental duties unless your contract for your scholarship allows it, and it is written in your individual study plan. You generally do not have to do anything that is not stated in your Individual study plan. Some flexibility is however allowed, for example if a senior asks you to help out with smaller issues with short notice (and you do not have time to revise the study plan).