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Leave of absence and study breaks

Prolongation (extension of education time)

A PhD student’s net study time shall correspond to four years of full-time studies (240 ECTS credits). If a PhD student spends time on other things than the student’s own studies the education time can in some cases be extended (prolongation), if there is reason for extension. Such reasons can be sick leave, leave for service in the armed forces or leave for commissioned assignments of trust in trade unions and student organizations or parental leave.

Guidelines for the extension of study time for PhD students with positions of trust are available at: (however only in Swedish).

Since the amount of work required can vary between the various positions, the guidelines provide for minimum levels of extension.

Sickness and sick leave

There is some information on the health care provided by the University below, under the section on Additional benefits and advantages. If you get sick you should report it. It can be reported via Primulaweb ( If you go on sick leave, your study time will be extended with a time equivalent to that of the sick leave. It is important to report in sick from first day, since you cannot go on sick leave retroactively.

As regards the compensation for employees, the following applies: The first day is a qualifying day (karensdag) and the whole pay is deducted. Day 2 - 14 you get sickness salary (sjuklön) from the University, with 80 % of the monthly salary. From day 15 the employer reports the case of sickness to the National Social Security Department (Försäkringskassan) which then pays social security benefits in the form of Sick Pay (sjukpenning) until, and including, day 365. The University will supplement this with 10 percent of your monthly salary as Sick Pay Supplement (sjukpenningtillägg). For more information: visit: (Swedish only).

Scholarship funded PhD students instead get compensation through the Health and parental insurance for doctoral students with stipends, where The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet), is the insurer. Sick reports can be made to: For further information on the insurance and on how to claim compensation, visit:

Leave of absence and ’study breaks’

Leave of absence can be granted when the PhD student, supervisors and Head of Department are in agreement, and it is documented in the individual study plan. If a student is scholarship funded, the application for leave works in the same way regardless of whether it is regarded as a question of ’leave of absence’ (tjänstledighet) or a ’study break’ (studieuppehåll). Whichever form of absence it may concern, it is important that the conditions surrounding it (the most important of which being the extent of it) are documented.