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Parental leave

You have a right to parental leave, and are not required to perform work assignments during the time of leave. The rules governing benefits for parental leave can often seem complicated and hard to interpret. If you need to apply for parental leave, you are advised to contact both the National Social Security Department (Försäkrings-kassan), and the Personnel department at the University to establish what applies for you. It is important to do so as soon as possible in these circumstances, since you might be required to have worked a certain amount of time to be eligible for full parental leave benefits.

The faculty board may extend the research education time, due to, among other things, parental leave. In addition to the extension which should this way be given directly equivalent to the time of the parental leave, the respective faculty board may extend a phd student’s time with up to 3 months if the leave has caused particular difficulties for the resumption of gathering of materials, experiments or similar things, that is, grant so called start up-months (uppstartsmånader). A condition is that the phd student has been on leave for at least 4 months. See the Parental Policy of Uppsala University: (Swedish only)