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Scholarships and other forms of financial support

Additional forms of financial support range from external funding and scholarships to self-supported studies. Funding from an external employer means that the PhD student is employed by that particular organization, and subject to their employment terms and conditions.

As of 2016 study grants are not an approved means of funding.

Information on available scholarships can be found in different places, among others: and

Doctoral students supported via scholarships have the right to an income level that is at least equivalent to a study grant after tax. It is generally the case that scholarship recipients are not entitled to the full social security benefits that an employed PhD student has (i.e. the right to paid sickness leave, holiday etc.). To improve the conditions and social protection of all scholarship funded PhD students, from the first of january 2014, there is an insurance at The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet), applicable to cases where PhD students are deprived of scholarship funding due to sickness or parental leave. For more information, visit: