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Study grant

The study grant for PhD students is set by the government at currently (May 2013) 15500 SEK before tax. Certain faculties and departments are still using this study grant system to finance the first year of the doctoral programme, but these grants are due to be fased out in favour of full employment for the entire programme. From the 1st January, 2015 this form of financing is no longer to be used at Uppsala (though certain exceptions may still be permitted.)

PhD students funded via study grant are not formally employed by the university and are thus not entitled to paid holiday. Since the university does not pay the "employer’s contribution" for such students, this grant does not contribute to your social security entitlement (sjukpenninggrundande inkomst: SGI). You are not, therefore, eligible to apply for benefits from the Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) in case of illness or parental leave --- unless you have been employed for a sufficient length of time prior to doctoral studies to have earned some SGI. Instead, what generally happens is that you continue to receive all or a proportion of your study grant when absent for such things as illness, parental leave, etc.
Contact your department's personnel administrator for detailed advice about such matters.