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The Mecenat card, student ID and nations

All students at the University, including PhD students, are eligible to apply for a student identification card at the beginning of each term, at the moment there is an agreement with Mecenat. The student identification card entitles the holder to student discounts on items ranging from books and computers to train and bus tickets and much more (further details can be found at or at Membership of either a student union or a nation is also printed on this card. However, you are entitled to a student identification card even if you are not a member of a student union or nation. If you are a member of a student nation, the card can be used, together with a valid proof of identification, to gain entry to Uppsala’s 13 student nations.

These nations play an important role in student life in Uppsala, both socially and for your studies. Besides being an excellent place to meet people studying a diverse range of subjects, nations also offer student accommodation, scholarships, libraries, pubs, food, cafes, student parties (gasquer), sports associations, choirs, theatre societies, orchestras and many other things that can enrich your time as a student in Uppsala. The funding scholarships available through nations can also provide a valuable extra form of financial support for research-related travel, purchases of equipment, fieldwork etc. More information about these organizations, how to join, forthcoming events and scholarships can be found at: