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For each PhD student at least two supervisors should be appointed: a main supervisor, with primary responsibility for the research degree and the doctoral thesis, and a supporting supervisor. At least one of these supervisors must be qualified as a ’docent’. Similarly, at least one supervisor must be employed by, or adjunct to, Uppsala University. The chief task of the supervisors is to help the PhD student develop into an independent researcher. The supervisor should:

  • Act as a conversant in an academic discussion, helping with the choice of thesis topic and ensuring that this is realistic and practically conceivable.
  • Review manuscripts and other relevant material, and aid in the process of revising texts and results for publication.
  • Recommend appropriate courses and interesting and relevant reading material.
  • Assist with establishing contact with other institutions in Sweden and abroad.
  • Help in guiding the PhD student in visiting and participating in international conferences and meetings.
  • Recommend potential sources of research funding and financial support.