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University regulations

Uppsala university's rules and regulations

Uppsala University has a number of overarching rules and guidelines, adopted by the university board (konsistoriet) or the vice chancellor, which concern the printing of dissertations, designations of doctoral degrees, etc. The rules and guidelines can be accessed at the university's webpage.

Uppsala University has adopted special guidelines concerning prolongation of study grants and doctoral employment for PhD students with positions of trust, available here. The guidelines specify minimum levels, to compensate for the time devoted to serving in such positions. There are a number of things to consider when taking on more substantial positions which entitle to prolongation. Some faculties and departments have adopted additional guidelines and specifications.

The personnel department issues instructions, rules and advice in the form of a Human Resources (HR) guide, available here. These guidelines are continually updated. The department has also compiled specific information for those with different forms of doctoral  funding, relating to sick leave, vacation, etc., available here.

There is also specific information particularly relevant to international PhD students. The University since November 2014 has a unit called International Faculty and Staff Services, which is intended to facilitate the arrival and working conditions for international staff in various ways. Contact information, as well as information concerning practical issues such as work permits, housing, social security etc., is available here

The vice chancellor has adopted special guidelines for the conduct of meetings and summons to meetings, available here, which are relevant to doctoral students serving as student representatives in different university bodies. The guidelines contain seven basic rules, including fundamental things such as summons being sent out a week in advance and that matters should be postponed on request if they have not been announced in the summons, and specific guidelines to facilitate active participation of student representatives.