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Welcome to the spring term 2017

Katharina Rudisch's picture
on Wed, 2017-01-18 12:21

The doctoral board welcomes all PhD students to the spring term 2017. For us this means that the second half of our term of office has started. One issue that still concerns us is the missing Club Mästare, this year's PhD gasque is at risk not to take place! The position of Club Mästare entails a onetime salary of about 2000 SEK (after taxes) and comes with valuable experiences: "You get the opportunity to understand more about the way the university works through the DN meetings, about how your colleagues prefer spending their after-work time and basically socialize with people from different fields that you might never meet otherwise!", as the previous Club Mästare Angeliki puts it. If you are interested in what a Club Mästare does, we can provide more information; just send us an Email ( You can also apply for the position by sending an Email to the same address, or just visit us at our next Doctoral Board meeting on the 30th of January 3pm in Lauritzen-salen at Uppsala Studentkår.